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Ignite Energy

School Projects

School projects that I have created during my time at Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) and Louisiana State University (LSU).


Alka-Seltzer Rebrand

For this project, we were to pick a brand's box of our choosing with poor design and to redesign the box. I chose Alka-Seltzer as my brand that I would be rebranding and redesigning. I recreated the packaging outline of the original box and redesigned the box to have a more updated and brighter look than its original. We were then to create a poster with our rebranded box.

Ignite Energy

For this project, we were to create a brand that would be food related to a niche selection of people. We were to then create a whole brand book with all the branding necessities. I chose to create an energy drink for gamers. I didn't like how energy drinks were very bold and bright so I wanted it to be more modern and appealing for everyone to drink. Even though it is made for gamers, anyone can drink the energy drink.


For this project, we were to create a poster with either the words collective, compare, or cracked. I chose the word "collective". We then were to use inspiration from our poster to create a mobile website mockup and to record a mockup as if it were a real mobile website.

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