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Online Optimism
New Business Mockups

January 2023 - May 2023

Online Optimism is a digital, creative marketing agency that I have worked for as their Digital Design Specialist in their internship program. I've created graphics and motion graphics for current clients, crafted mockups for potential clients, and produced graphics for Online Optimism themselves.

Clients Directory

Not only helping local businesses with their social media, Online Optimism also manages their own social media and graphics. I've helped create some social media graphics and reels that are uploaded to Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, Twitter, and TikTok.

New Business Mockups

As a digital, creative marketing agency, Online Optimism is always trying to take new clients and show them the potential social media graphics they can have while partnered with Online Optimism. I have created social media mockups for LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest as well as email mockups for potential new clients.

"MAXCases is a U.S-based company that designs protective solutions that enhance learning and support productivity, helping schools and organizations maximize their IT budgets." I created social media graphics for their Instagram and Facebook accounts.

"The Data Center is the most trusted resource for data about Southeast Louisiana. They are a fully independent, neutral nonprofit, expert at bringing data together from multiple sources." I have produced data graphics for their Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

"Canal HR is an experienced professional employer organization located in Metairie, Louisiana. They specialize in providing administrative services to business owners including: payroll administration, workers’ compensation, risk management, human resource compliance, and more." I helped design the ads for Canal HR.